Monday, June 16, 2008

A Week Later

Hi all,

It's now been a week since the surgery, and I've just had my best day yet. The pain is reasonably under control most of the time, my bodily functions appear to be returning to normal (although I'm having to pull a #1 all the time, which is completely normal, as my body is purging fluids that had built up through all the IV activity), and while I'm still tired, I think that's more a function of being in a hospital.

This morning, they started me on a solid diet. No chalupas just yet, but I've picked my way through a couple meals so far as I begin to build up an appetite.

And then, this afternoon, my docs made the rounds, considered my progress, and said that there's a good chance I can go home tomorrow.

Ultimately, I would guess that unless there's a deal-breaker (some sort of random fever or infection or other bodily issue that's askew), I'll be heading back up to the Oaktown tomorrow afternoon -- not a moment too soon.

I'm going to try to not get too excited for now, but if this is my last night down here (at least until chemo starts), then I'm all for it. I got a lot of sleep last night as I had no roommate for the evening, but they moved someone else in as my neighbor this afternoon and while he doesn't sound very vocal or in too much pain (so far), the comfort of my own room, own bed and an 8-hour night of uninterrupted sleep is at the fore of my mind.

So -- that's the latest. I'm gonna head back now, eat dinner and watch some TV. I'll let you know if tomorrow is indeed check-out day as soon as I know -- although given the speed at which some things move around here in terms of admissions and discharges, I could very well be at my home computer before getting the chance to update the blog.

I hope everyone is well and send your positive thoughts and prayers that tonight is indeed my last night in the hospital!

With much love,


kkbirdhouse said...

WELCOME HOME, DINO!!! (I am sending positive thoughts and prayers that you are, indeed, home reading this.) What a week! That your body is recuperating this quickly is amazing, and yet, because it's YOU, not surprising!


Priscilla said...

Come home Big D!!! Outstanding - putting out all the energy we can for a Tuesday return home for you, where you'll surely be able to rest the best and get your energy back!! We're relieved things are going so well (easy for us to say, right!) Sleep well and come HOME!! XO, P & D

Jason & Catherine said...

That's great news Dino - we really hope you get back home today and enjoy the luxury of uninterrupted sleep. Hospitals aren't always the best place to Groucho Marx said, “A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running”
It sounds as though you've made incredible progress -your positive attitude is obviously kicking in and we can only admire you for that Dino. We send you all our love and thoughts, Catherine & Jason xx

Looney said...

Yay! Sounds like you're doing great. I think it's time for some quality XBox time :-)