Friday, June 13, 2008

The Sleeper

What a pleasant surprise to walk in this morning and find Dino, sans tubes, sitting up in a chair watching the U.S. Open. They've pretty much removed all evidence of hospital-type hookups except for the standard drip line. He had been up walking earlier and now was talking in sentences (though not long-winded). So, what a difference a day makes.

Nothing new on the biopsy results front - Dr. Jacobs had not come in by the time I left, so probably Monday. What's the rush anyway? He's finally starting to look normal. As we watched Tiger move through the front nine, I glanced over and he was out like a light, mouth wide open, having the best sleep of his life. I actually haven't seen him fully asleep in over two weeks - so, as we cruise into the weekend, life is good for all of us and we hope for you too.

Dick Scoppettone
(Dino's dad)

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Kim said...

Golf has the same affect on me! That should keep you sleeping soundly through Sunday.