Friday, June 20, 2008

A Friday Bump in the Road

Back in the hospital for Dino after a lousy night. Early this morning, his mother took him to the emergency room at Alta Bates in Oakland after he woke up (for the second night in a row) with a severe pain in his right side. They did a CT scan and blood test and, at the very least, want to keep him overnight. The blood work showed a minimal possibility of pancreatitis (for which they can give him an antibiotic, but they aren't doing so yet) and the scan showed a small amount of water on the outside of his right lung (typical of this type of surgery and possibly the cause of the pain).

At any rate, while he's not happy to be back in the hospital, he is happy that he's got Sister Mo again. His level of pain is more or less consistently around a "3", so it's not terribly elevated, but he told me he was frustrated, which we can all understand. He continues, of course, to keep the faith (hasn't let down one iota in that area), so let's see if this thing will settle down and we can get him back home tomorrow or Sunday. Can't tell if it's just a bump in the road - maybe this is a somewhat typical post-op response? As usual, we luv ya for all your good thoughts - our man is powering on.

Dick Scoppettone
(Dino's dad)


Kim said...

Can't wait to download some coldplay, turn up the volume, sing it out loud and send live the life thoughts your way!
Love, Kim

g said...


I have listened to the new Coldplay stuff, and it will take some time for me. I have heard that I need to listen a few times before it is as good as it is. Anyway...

Be strong. Be strong. You have become an inspiration for many, including myself, and I am sure that you will make it through.

By the way. The Mahoney family is coming to the Bay Area in about a week. Hoping that you are at home, but willing to go the hospital, can we visit? If that is uncomfortable, that's fine. Baby Emile will be in tow. We would love to see you, to be touched you!

Again, go Spain!


Bill Mahoney

Priscilla said...

Aww, Dino - so sorry!! Hang tough...and thanks again, Dick for the update....I was so looking forward to you enjoying being at home and being more comfortable!! Darnit! We'll ride out any bumps this road brings together with you - let us know how we can help. Sending much love and healing thoughts your annoying to have to deal with other side effects that create other challenges like this. Sending big hugs your way...hang in there- you'll be home soon!! Live the life, baby!!

LynnAJ said...

you'll get through this one too, Dino!! (Thanks, Papa S., for the update) Stay strong, all!! Your body is an amazing machine, taking care of itself as you heal...This complication will pass.
Love from Kenwood,
Lynn & Corey

Monica said...

Dino, hey sweets. So understandable that you're frustrated, as I'm sure we all are. But it's just a little speed bump in this road...slowing down your bout of ass-kicking a bit, but you're still driving in the right direction and we're all riding with you. te quiero muchisimo!!

Amy said...

Hey D...sorry for my log absence here at one of my usual daily bookmarks. Doesn't mean I haven't been reading every word, because I have. But mostly on my CrackBerry and I can't seem to post comments from that. I hope you got to see the US Open. All 91 holes. I was there at Torrey Pines and kept thinking of how much your story right now is similar to Tiger's. There is pain and challenge in front of you right now, and an unpredictable amount of time until you're back in full swing (pardon the pun) -- but your mental toughness from day one has been nothing short of heroic. I hang on for every word you type and use it for my own struggles. It helps me. I am glad we got to speak the other day. While I was sad you sounded drained and a little loopy, it comforted me to hear your voice and how it turned in to you giving me a pep talk I have no idea. Sorry for being so selfish, dawg! You really helped me.
I am meeting Lance Armstong on Friday night here in Portland. It is the Livestrong Challenge and I got invited to a dinner the night before our event. (I am doing the 5K on Saturday.) I can't wait. I will shake his hand and send the mojo your way.
Cancer isn't for sissies!
Love you big (now little) guy ;)
amy b.

Jason & Catherine said...

Dino, Sorry you're back in hospital again but glad to hear you've be reunited with Sister Mo. I guess, given what you've been through so far, there will be a few "bumps in the road". Your extraordinary strength and positive outlook is a real inspiration and you have, as always, our love and positive thoughts. Dick, thank you for your updates.
Love to you all, Jason and Catherine xx

Looney said...

Hey, Dino: Sorry you're in that drafty robe again! Hang in there, bro: We're thinking of you. Nobody ever won a fight without taking a few punches.

Francesca Giessmann said...

D Sr: Thanks for posting
Hey Dino: I hope you got to take your Ipod with you to the H House.

I am hoocked on VIVA LA VIDA and sing it and play it really loud all day...

thinking of you.. just small bump... nothing major
big kiss and FORZA ITALIA

Anonymous said...


Hang in there tiger, you are definitely a superman.

Your effervescent personality will totally kick the pain's keister, especially with the love and support of your family and friends.

With much love, hugs, and singing to the Police in your honor,

Aimee :-)

broad_haven said...

Hey Dino -- I've been reading your blog nearly every day and following your progress. I'm rooting for you! Your perseverance, determination and positive attitude is an example to us all :) Sorry to read of your set-back: I'm keeping my fingers-crossed that it will be fleeting and that you can return home ASAP. Sending positive vibes your way. Hang in there, buddy -- I'm thinking about you :)

Big hugs -- John (Allison Elmore's brother)