Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Viva La Vida

What a glorious day. The Italians made it through to the knockout rounds of the European soccer tournament by beating France 2-0 (and all thanks to the Dutch, who beat Romania to uphold their end of the deal). Meanwhile, Coldplay released its new album today, and I'm anxious to go pick it up.

And, oh yeah -- I'm home.

All the tubes, wires and IVs are out of my body. There's just a couple bandages remaining, and those I can take off in a day or two. Now, I really need to wash my hair and get all the tape and bandage residue off both my arms -- I'll get to that later this evening. For the moment, I'm relaxing in relative peace and quiet. It's a bit of a system shock, to be honest, after 13 days of the unending hustle and bustle of the hospital.

It's great to be home. I'll write more tomorrow when I'm more settled. Until then, Viva La Vida, Forza Azzurri, and all that good stuff.

With much love,


Chris said...

Welcome home! I'm amazed at the speed of your recovery. Glad the Azzurri got their act together today to commemorate the occasion.

Enjoy sleeping the good kuato-free sleep in your own bed tonight, my friend. Hope to see you soon.

smrose said...

Teh. Had to rely upon an own goal by Henry and a gift from the dutch when it didn't matter. Might as well have been a flop and a penalty, their specialty.

Now that Kuato is out of the way, congrats on, well, surviving, winning, whatever you want to call it. You have some crappy treatment ahead, but it's not like to what you got past. Enjoy it all, hoist the cup, even if it is a coldplay album and a chalupa.

Looney said...

Welcome home, Dino. I guess I'll root for the Azzuri (urk!) for your sake :-)

g said...


Welcome home my friend. We will continue the good thoughts. On the negative side, however, Spain is going to defeat Italy. Ciao!

Bill Mahoney

Francesca Giessmann said...

Baby oil is a good thing to remove the tape residue..actually any oil...baby OLIVE OIL !!!!!

( who is crazy about my dear azzuris and living in Z├╝rich where all the action is but who is married to a German and any time there are games/championships like this divorce is on site!!!) it cannot be german vs italy ... it will be horrible here)

Michael Nevin said...

No place like home;glad you're feeling more comfortable.

Priscilla said...

WELCOME HOME! Congrats on getting past the tough stuff here - a week, that is miraculous! Way to go, Dino - I am so proud of you for being so tough and kicking kuato's messed up baby-lookin' booty!! YEAH!!! More to come we all realize, but one huge, major, painful battle WON BY THE BIG D!!! YEAH!!! Relax and enjoy!!! I'm so happy for you to be back at home - fabulous news, it is a GOOD DAY!

Jen said...

Glad to hear that you're back in the comforts of your own home!

Hope you get some much needed and restful sleep in your own bed without the nuisance of Kuato!

Billy Ramirez said...

Coldplay's a good choice. It's like musical Ambien.

Ross said...

Italy? Do they even play soccer anymore?