Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To The Hospital

Hi folks,

After spending far, FAR too long haggling with the insurance company and the medical group, I'm headed to the Stanford ER this morning to check myself in (with the assistance of my parents) so we can get surgery done as soon as possible.

I don't know how long I'll be down at Stanford but please direct all your positive prayer and energy in that direction. I'll let everyone know when I'm out of the hospital and back home (or at one of my parents' homes).

There have been many kind offers of help and I thank you all for that. Stanford care cannot be covered by my HMO insurance -- for some reason it took the medical group several business days to impart that bottom line to me -- but we'll figure out the expense situation later.

In the meantime, the only focus is to get tested, operated upon, and set up a treatment protocol with the experts at Stanford so I can get most of this cancer removed quickly and figure out how they can attack the remainder of it.

It's going to be complicated but with the experts running the show, and everyone else providing many different forms of support, I'm nothing short of 100% confident that I will beat this thing.

That's all for now. Next update will come when I'm out of surgery and sober enough to write. Until then, good health to all of you and keep the positive thoughts and prayers flowing my way!

With much love,


Billy Ramirez said...

Best of luck, homey! I hope you get a hot nurse!

(Erm, I mean, I hope you get a very highly-qualified and trained professional who will tend to your every need.)

Francesca Giessmann said...

sending you TONS of energy and courage!
much love from afar

smrose said...

I'll be thinking positive thoughts until I hear you're okay. Then it's back to sarcasm and snide comments.

Seriously, get this crap out of the way so you can get busy with the important things.

Oh, and ask the docs if they'll let you take Cuato home in a jar.

Lisa said...

Is someone in the group able to do a small part towards financial assistance? I have started collecting info for a $1000 grant from Also from their site I found out about the following:

This site has a 2-page pdf form that once completed and submitted, will be reviewed for possible grant assistance. Needs info like total assets, and has a short area for MD, RN or SW person to fill out...can someone take this on?

smrose said...

Lisa that's a good idea. We also have 'top men' looking into setting up a non-profit if that is helpful. Will update with news.

EggShen said...

good luck in surgery, everyone's thoughts are with you today especially.

besides, you totally get to score all the free ice cream you can handle during recovery. hook that up!

Trent Stamp said...

I don't suppose there's any chance that "going to the hospital" is another euphemism for playing with yourself, huh?

Oh well. Lots of prayers and good thoughts from down in L.A.

Things to avoid at Stanford: the guy with the trombone, that goddamn tree, current student Michelle Wie, and famous alum Fred Savage.

Things not to avoid: Best doctors in the state.

Good luck, Fat Man.

Amy said...

OMG say hi to Patrick Swayze for me. He is also at Stanford getting treated for pancreatic cancer - which is especially rough - and reports are he is doing very well under Stanford care. I'm glad you're only employing the varsity team to take care of you. With the experts on the case, you will be dirty dancing again in no time. No one puts Dino in the corner.
Hope you're resting peacefully soon. x x x amy

Andi said...

We all love you so much. Good for you for taking action - kick this things ass! Don't you worry about anything else right now. We'll hold a fundraising party and sell dino T-shirts. Also, we can auction off Cuato on eBay. I love you!!!! All our prayers from the PNW.

Kim said...

hey dino and family- sending you lots of love and healing thoughts. happy you are at stanford getting the best care possible. nice work. we'll figure out the rest as it comes.

Linda said...

Sending love, good thoughts and many prayers your way. Not only to you but your family as well.

Hang in there Dino, you will get through this.

Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Nev (Linda Nevin)

Tiffany said...

Somehow, and I don’t know why I’m so late in the game, I just learned today about your medical stuff. (I guess, it’s typical me, really, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I'm a blonde girl named Tiffany and I live in LA--we can't expect too much, right?) And, to be honest, I saw that a Facebook group had been formed: We Heart Dino Scoppettone and I thought, well of course Dino has a fanclub—everybody does heart Dino. I didn’t really investigate the reason the group had rallied. I just chalked it up to the fact that everybody else probably loves you just as much as I do, and finally they all bonded together to “come out of the closet” and sing their praises loudly on Facebook! ;)
So that said, now that I am aware—and just in time I guess to send good thoughts your way as you head into surgery tomorrow—I just wanted to let you know that I’m directing all sorts of positive energy to you, and your family. And of course, as I’ve said already, I love you dearly, and have since the moment we became acquainted. You have always been a bright light, and even on my craziest days at work, you always put a smile on my face. So with that, Dear Dino, know that I’m rooting for you, from down here in LA, but if I was there, I’d be giving you a huge hug and telling you all of this in person.
Much love, xoxoxoxoxo