Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Hi all,

I just meandered down to the computers from my room. About an hour ago, they capped my IV (while still leaving it in my arm in order to dispense various medications), which means I don't have to drag the big IV module around with me everywhere. This means that I'm a lot more mobile now, which is good, because my bodily functions are waking back up and challenging me to get to certain places (like the restroom) within a certain amount of time. This is what we call the "not fun part of recovery."

Actually, pretty much the whole shebang falls under the "not fun part of recovery" header, but I'll get more into depth on that whole thing as more of my energy returns. In fact, if I find something that could be described as "the fun part of recovery," I'll let you know immediately. Don't hold your breath waiting for that, though.

Sadly, the fact that I no longer have my trusty IV module to dispense fluids and meds means that I have to bid adieu to my constant companion, Sister Mo. If my pain gets bad enough, they can still dispense the Good Sister directly into my IV (like they did during the first day of my hospitalization, pre-surgery), but the wonderful 'pain button' and the instant dispensation of medication is gone. I'll be on pills moving forward unless there is an acute attack of pain. Or unless I fake an acute attack of pain... not that I would do that.

Blessedly, things really aren't that bad. Yes, there is a constant dull pain in my stomach where the surgery was, but many times, I find myself feeling only a minimal amount of discomfort. Any physical activity exacerbates the issue, but I'll just have to deal with that moving forward as part of my physical rehab. Otherwise, my body is beginning to feel more and more 'normal' as it takes less and less effort to do the things we always take for granted (getting into and out of bed, moving around in bed, walking, sitting up, etc.). Still a long ways to go, but there's a marked difference between today and, say, Wednesday.

The schedule is light today and I'm going to spend most of the day resting. It's Father's Day and I want to send a Happy Father's Day wish to all the dads out there, especially my own pops, who is playing golf with my brother Nick today. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the balance of the weekend and get out into the nice weather; I had a couple visitors yesterday and they wheeled me out into the sun for a little while as we sat in a garden courtyard here and chatted for a spell. First time I've been outside since the surgery, and it felt great.

I have no timetable on when I will be released but based on the speed at which they keep removing various tubes and wires, and changing the aspects of my diet, I would guess Wednesday or even Tuesday might be about right. I could be way off on that, but pretty soon they won't have too much reason to keep me around here any longer. I'm really looking forward to getting home and sleeping a full night in my own bed without the constant distractions that happen in a hospital. My roommate, a fellow coming off a kidney transfer in his own battle against cancer, is checking out today; I wish him the very best, but his departure should provide some much-needed peace and quiet, as he's had some very loud physical and bodily struggles from his side of the curtain. Of course, this could be a double-edged sword and they could check someone else that's louder into the room right away -- I guess we'll see. Not gonna worry about it.

Okay, I'm headed back to bed for a while. Thanks again for all the messages and support; it's getting me through all the rough patches and pretty quickly here, this hospital visit will be a thing of the past. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll check back atcha tomorrow, assuming I have the time...

With much love as always,


Monica said...

hey silly, i'm glad to hear that you are now up and about and that soon you will be at home. although i know that the real reason you want to go home is so that you can play with all of your toys.

sending you a big kiss, sweetness.

LynnAJ said...

Yo, Dino! we raised a glass for you last night at Corey's 40th. everyone sends their best. we are sending you lots of love and great big hugs from the wine country. can't wait to see you in person! we know it will happen all in good time.
meantime, chillax (as Luke always says) and heal..
still krazy in kenwood,
lynn and corey

Michael Nevin said...

". . . as he's had some very loud physical and bodily struggles . . .", sounds like living with my dad!

elizabeth said...

Hi Dino, I can't wait to give you a big (gentle) hug. I hope you get out of there soon! Carlos will be visiting tomorrow, I wish I could too. Soon enough.

Priscilla said...

Big D,
I am blown away by how quickly you are recovering! Congrats on such fast progress, so glad to hear you are feeling better too, and the pain is not too bad. Your attitude is really intact - we all have much to learn from you! Great news - thanks so much for the updates.....words can't express how thrilled we all are to hear about your progress!! Love from Kelly, your fellow red headed Gaucho, Michelle, Kelsey, Erick, Pete and Kori, my folks and Dave - we are all sending you tons of love and healing thoughts and prayers!! XXXOOO, P & D

Sunny said...

Yee Haw Buckaroo, sounds like your recovery is progressing rapidly (and this is coming from a nurse ;) The girls and I are ready to voyage down to see you whenever you're ready for us, we'll let Ms. McGraw do the coordinating. You and your family's positive perspective is so powerful for healing!

wndycal said...

Hey Dino,
It's so good to read your posts and see the classic dino there. You are in my thoughts and I am sending you lots of hugs. Glad to hear you are walking around.
Wendy Spander

Looney said...

You're sounding great, dude. Saw your mom today. Good to see she's hanging in there too. Keep healing up. See you soon.

Lisa said...

Dino! Sending you lots of love from my Mexican so grateful there is a Stanford to provide care for you. Though the insurance issue is a different issue all together...

Sounds like you are advancing in your recovery really quickly (and more quickly than most folks I observed at UCSF). You´re awesome!!
Much love!

Francesca Giessmann said...

just incredible... 3 days after removing what I wish to remove during a dreamed about Liposuction and you are already out and about! This is great ... it already shows the Big C who is in charge... so there is no waisting time.. he will just craw back in its ugly corner...
Thinking of you and sending tons of hugs
big kiss