Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slow Day In Paradise

They moved Dino from ICU back to a regular room around noon today and I think they may have him on something other than morphine because he seemed somewhat woozy. His pain has dropped a bit (yesterday 7, today 5-6), but today was the doldrums - slow, not much in the way of anxiety, more like "when is this all going to be over?"

Dr. Norton was in early this morning (no new news) just checking on his patient. I don't think Dean's quite ready to be pecking away at his own blog yet. Maybe by Friday, maybe the weekend. Mary printed the last several days worth of blogs and comments for him which he read and said, "Tell everyone thanks and I love 'em." So - another day in the slow evolution of recovery; some days are diamonds, some days are stone. BUT WE'RE GETTING THERE!

Dick Scoppettone
(Dino's dad)


Kim said...


more tear drops on another keyboard...thank you for sharing these moments with us...for those of us who can't be there to offer hugs or support in person I am buoyed that you are feeling our prayers and love from all over the world. Take care of yourself, give Dino a big hug from the Seattle crew and know you are all in our thoughts.


Lisa said...

Heyya Dino, get up and force yourself to walk when those smart nurses tell you to...I know you will!

Thinking of you all the time!

Priscilla said...

Hang in there, Dino!! We love you and are anxious to see you! I know you must be in a lot of pain and exhausted - that was a MAJOR surgery....I'm sure it will take a while to feel yourself again, but know we are thinking of you and sending so much love and support through this time - just to get through it the best you can. Every day will get a little better - hang in there, you are on the road to recovery, and we are all so proud of you!! Much love D, P & D

Mary and Jim Love said...

Hey Dino:

Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. We have been following your progress on your blog and getting updates from Andi. We are just back from Florence, Italy and there are candles burning for you everywhere there. Those saints know all about you now. Can't hurt. Hang in there and fight, fight, fight. We need you at our house on Xmas nite for the Trivia competition.

We love you,

Mary and Jim Love

banksalot19 said...


I pray the worst is now behind you, and you are now on the road to recovery. Joanna and I are here in LA, thinking about you. Looking forward to good news on the blog!

Brian Banks

smrose said...

Nothing wrong with a slow, boring day in the hospital. Great to hear about the progress.

McP said...

Very glad to hear that Dino is on the mend, although I definitely look forward to reading his first-hand reports again. Somehow Dino always brings humor, liveliness, and insight to any story ... and no surgery can take that away.

Brad said...

Thank you for keeping the blog going, Dick. Dino, I am anxiously awaiting the return of your caustic wit (or was that Kuato speaking...hmmmm). Enjoy every moment of being waited on hand and foot while you meticulously plan your inevitable comeback as master of the known universe (or minor subset thereof).


Francesca Giessmann said...

In my opinion a quiet, uneventful day at the hospital and pain going down is a real good thing..
kisses to all