Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hope You Can Make It To Dino's Memorial

I'm just beginning to read all the e-mails you are sending (over 120 so far) and it will take awhile to respond, but I will, to each and every one of you. Such loving thoughts coming in from all of Dino's wonderful friends.

We picked the date for Dino's memorial: this coming Sunday, August 24 at 2PM in Santa Cruz. Here's the location:

Benito & Azzaro
Pacific Gardens Chapel
1050 Cayuga Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 423-5721 - Vince Azzaro

We sure hope you can make it. Afterwards, (we haven't picked the location yet, but it will be close by) we'll have a celebration, one that Dino will be most excited about. I'll tell you more as it comes together. (Any ideas, let me know.) Thanks for being there for us.

We love you,
Dick (Dino's dad) and MiMi (his step-mom or bonus mom) Scoppettone
Mary (Dino's mom) Scoppettone
Nick (Dino's brother) Scoppettone and his fiance, Amber
Chris (Dino's step-brother) Petrakis and his girl, Virginia


houston said...

We love you back, each one of you. You all have been nothing but an inspiration and example of what family can do, and what attitude they can choose under any
circumstances, and to celebrate Dino's life with all of you will be an honor...I can only imagine the plans being made to even come close in representing the spirit of Dino which we all got to know through this journey with him. See you Sunday, unless you need an extra pair of hands or feet , then I'm there whenever you need me! Nancy

VocalNurse said...

We'll be there.

Lisa ("Diva" to Dino) and Damon

Linda said...

We will be there to celebrate Dino's life and remember what a unique and special person he was.

Dennis and Linda Nevin

maisie said...

I'm very sorry to miss this opportunity to celebrate Dino. I've been committed for a year to my mother-in-law's 60th birthday party in Maine. Please know that I am there in spirit and will be thinking of Dino.

sierra said...


I will be there coming in from Boise ID on Friday. If you need help with set-up or anything please feel free to call me or email. I will be staying with Pat Bush in Santa Cruz.


Lisa and Damon's AJ said...

Hello. My name is Jane Damiano, I am Lisa and Damon McCormick's Aunt Janie (AJ). Our daughter Adria passed away unexpectedly at the age of 24 in May 2004. This is a hard journey, this path called grief. I had the honor of meeting your son when we came out to hear the band on this very date,August 20th, in 2004. Please know that we hold you in our hearts, we hold Dino in our hearts. I will ask Adria to welcome Dino, and to look out for him. She will give him a big hug, and make him laugh. She is that kind of a girl. With love and prayers, Jane and Al Damiano

Jodi said...

My folks and I will be there. Anything for Dino.

Jodi (Thuringer) Schaff

Stacey said...

Unfortuantely I do not live in the area any longer and can not make it. If there is anything you need that I can do from afar, please let me know. My heart aches with the news of Dino's passing, and it goes out to you. He will always be remembered because every childhood memory I have ... Dino is in it.

Stacey Mitchell

The Allisons said...

please let us know if you need us to help with the preparations. Blair will bring his guitar but he's still not sure how it will work without "the glue". I'm encouraging him to find a way as I know it will make Dino smile. We can arrive early or the night before if you need extra help. 510-220-1561 is my cell.
Erin and Blair