Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Chemo Has Started

As of early this evening, Dino is finally getting his first round of chemo (four different drugs with continuous drip over the next four days). This morning however, started with another bump. The surgeon who was to install the PortaCath (a semi-permanent port in Dino's chest to use mainly for the infusion of chemo drugs) decided that since Dino still has some sort of infection and a slighly elevated temperature, he wanted to wait until next Monday to do the surgery for this port.

Another depressing moment - until late this afternoon when a nurse came into Dino's room to say that they would be starting chemo shortly. I asked if she knew the port had been held up until Monday and she said that she had just spoken to Dr. Cecchi, Dino's oncologist and he directed her to start chemo immediately, port or no port. So, for now they are using the PICC line instead. Like us, Cecchi simply didn't want to wait any longer.

So, let's pray that the next four days will begin to knock back the tumor. I think we've got to put up the "No Visitors" sign again (until Dino gives the go-ahead).

I know there's little miracles happening here, so keep pushing them our way. This afternoon, after Mary returned to Santa Cruz (and prior to hearing of Cecchi's order to start right away), she sent out an e-mail to her group of friends asking them to pray for the removal of all these continuing obstacles. It was shortly after that e-mail went out that I called her from Dino's room to tell her that Cecchi said, "We're going now!"

And yesterday, some of you may have noticed a brief note in response to Monday's blog (from a fellow named Trent). I picked up on it immediately and contacted him. He's here in the Bay Area, and in 1992 had surgery for a "retro-peritoneal myxoid liposarcoma" - a 20 lb. tumor in fact. Almost identical to Dino. It seems he had been watching Dino's blog for some time and finally decided to weigh in. Since this particular form of cancer is so rare, we're hoping to put he and Dino together soon.

Sorry to be so short, but it's late and I'm really tired. Hang in there, gang.

Dick Scoppettone
Dino's dad


Brad said...

Yay! Round 2 has finally begun. Thank you so much for keeping in touch, Dick. "Short" or not, we appreciate any glimpse into Dino's world. I am amazed you are able to be so lucid given the unrelenting stress of the past couple months...feel some of our energy coming to the front line as, Mimi, Mary, Nick.

Dino, ganbare!!

Lisa said...


Thinking of you all the time my friend.

-Diva & Damon

Team Dino said...

God is listening...
Love you guys,

Monica said...

God surely is listening. Good luck my friend. I am sending you love from afar.

Love, peace and grace,


Trent Stamp said...

I'm assuming the chemo will kill America's greatest unibrow.

I'm focusing on the positive, people.

Again, stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

The Trent with No Cancer, But Plenty of History.

Billy Ramirez said...

Grit your teeth and you give that tumor some hell!


Amy said...

Oh D...I wish I could be there to hold your hand as this phase starts. Wow, it brings tears to my eyes as I think about it. I remember "that day" for me. It was tough. I was happy to begin kicking tumor ass, but I was afraid of how it would effect me. We're all comforted knowing you are surrounded by the best medical care and the best patient care (your parents!) available.
I hope you can squeak through without much nausea or those icky side effects that come with the cocktail known as chemotherapy. I tried every single anti-nausea medication known to man, and I swear to you, God bless the state of CA for legalizing it - a hit or two of the "medical grade" sincerely was the only thing that helped me kick that sh*tty feeling. The pill form of it (marinol) didn't work at all and it was really weird. I'd take a page out of Turtle's playbook in Entourage and get your "card" JUST IN CASE. Then all your stoner friends can be jealous and ask you for some. Not that you have stoner friends (sorry virutal blog friends of Dino's!!!) seemed a lot of mine perked up when they heard I had "the good stuff" ...
This is the fight of your life. As I told you day one: CANCER ISN'T FOR SISSIES - and you certainly are not one.
I'm very proud of you. As are all of us.

Big hug from Portland-amy b.

houston said...

You've done a fantastic job keeping all of us up to date and informed on Dino, and there isn't one of us that could possibly feel anything but grateful to you for it, no matter the length! I've shared that Nick has been working at our house, and our renter, with whom I've shared Dino's story, has had the chance to meet Nick while he's been here working. Yesterday afternoon, she came home after being gone for a few days and one of the first things on her mind was to tell me that she hoped Nick wouldn't mind, but she had put Dino on her church's prayer list, saying that although she didn't know his name, she wrote down "Nick's brother". I felt pretty confident reassuring her that He'd be more than ok with it! More Edna's covering Dino night and day. I know there is not much any of us can offer for you up there other than our thoughts and prayers, but if you've got a to-do list waiting on you back here in Santa Cruz, we'd be happy to get after it for you...whatever it may be, we'd like to help lighten the load ~Paul and Nancy G

denise said...

Hey Dino - the book lady here:). Sending you every ounce of positive energy I have!!