Friday, July 25, 2008

A Nice Little Pik-Me-Up

Dino got a Pik line put line put in today (actually PICC, but can't remember what it means). It's a type of intravenous line that allows for delivery of pain meds AND nutrients in the same dual tube. Much better than the old IV that keeps getting moved from arm to arm to arm. (I think Dino's gone thru six or seven arms worth of various needles).

He keeps saying "Cancer's not for sissy's" and there's some real stories that have occurred over the last few 3AM's - way more than I can write about, but when he gets his energy back, he'll talk it through wit ya. Mary and I are staying in his fifth floor "suite" at Alta Bates - big room with a great view which he has yet to really enjoy. But he will soon. The spinal pain pump got approved yesterday and gets put in next Wed. (I know, we don't want to wait either, but . . . please see title of last blog).

At any rate, you know I like to keep it short. This is Dino's Journey and he's got lots to tell so stay tuned. For now, I'll just borrow the words of an old rocker, "It's been a long, strange trip."

Dick Scoppettone
Dino's dad


Monica said...

love you dino!! you are amazing. did you get your treats from mexico? sans m&ms this time but they will come. sending you kisses from here and lots of sunshine. ANIMO!!

Cousin Kristin said...

I love you Dino.. You are surrounded with love and light. You have done so great and will continue to break through any seeming barriers.. Giselle and Marcos (you still have yet to meet those two :) and I send all our love, positivity, prayers and a big kiss xoxo

Lisa said...


Peripherally-inserted Central Catheter.

This means the good stuff (meds and nutrition) goes right into Dino´s vena cava and into central circulation. Goes into the BIG veins. Doesn´t mess around with little peripheral veins that so easily get worn out. This is a good thing!


Ross said...

For those interested...

Emilie said...

Dino's Dad and Mom, you guys are heroes. I have a 12-year old daughter, and in the last few weeks, I have tried to imagine going through a similar thing with her, and I can't. Stay strong. Dino is a gem, as you both know, and if anyone can battle back, it is he.

Dino, stay strong my friend. You probably never saw yourself as an inspirational figure, but you are. You have helped me to achieve a more spiritual life. It began with my prayers for you. I thank you for that.

Stay strong. Retain your resolve. Give nothing back. Accept nothing less than life.

Your friend,

Bill Mahoney

Jodi said...

It was so good to see you yesterday. Mom and Dad have been keeping you in their thoughts. Jeff said to say "Hey". We all love you very much! And we are always sending positive thoughts your way.

Jodi (the meadow mouse)