Monday, July 28, 2008


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Friday night a few of Dino's buddies dropped in, with the proviso to keep it short, fifteen minutes or so, but Dino responded favorably under the circumstances and the evening was bright and fun. This from a guy who, as we speak, has four bags of various meds feeding into a PICC line and a nasal drain from his nose to a collecting container. By Sunday he was basically paying for his indiscretions and so we've shifted into "No Visitors" mode for the rest of this week. But that's not the story here.

Saturday a few friends returned, among them Tracy and his wife Erica. Her mom was due to arrive shortly. During the preceding week, several of us had been discussing the issue of spirituality and were wondering if Dino had a spiritual adviser. His friends didn't think so and my only recollection was that Dean had been involved with a Christian group, Young Life some twenty years ago. Of late, we had not discussed the subject with Dino because he hadn't indicated that it was on his list of hot topics. That is, not until Edna arrived.

When Tracy introduced his mother-in-law, we had just stepped out of the room and down the hall for some knockout pizza that Chris and Virginia brought in. Edna's presence immediately filled the waiting area and my piece of pizza found its way to a side chair. She was a vivacious, dynamic lady, this Edna, and within moments, she had recruited everyone into a prayer circle inviting the Lord and his angels to take a whack at Dino's recent detour down Cancer Lane.

Normally, this would not be my thing, but then again I had never met Edna. Within moments, we were ready to dispatch last year's Super Bowl winners to the trash heap. She had met Dino several years ago, but assumed he would not remember her. We immediately towed her to his room - he immediately remembered her. (One could not not remember Edna.) Over the next twenty minutes, the room was filled with a wonderfulness that is best described as "You had to be there." She did a laying on of hands, this woman who said she wasn't a minister. Dino was filled with emotion (as were all of us) and he asked for a second round which, of course, she obliged. Then, as quick as she appeared, she was gone. I didn't get her number, didn't need to; I know she'll show up again.

Back to basic reporting. Today's Monday and only two days left until the install of the spinal pain pump. I won't tell you yet what we're going through with the insurance people just to pull this off. You'd only be pissed. I'm sure Dino will "elucidate" at some point in the future.

Regarding his pain level, the nights are the roughest. Last night he was up to a six on the pain scale. This may be a combination of both surgery pain and tumor pain. The sarcoma continues to grow (though by how much we don't know). That's why chemo MUST get underway as soon as his pain is consistently manageable. His condition is serious, and though these blogs don't spend a lot of time dealing with the downside, we're all aware of it. The cakewalk ended long ago - now we're into the tough stuff. Consequently, the "No Visitors" sign is posted this week - with Dino apologizing profusely, which of course, he doesn't need to do. By next weekend, we'll see how he's doing and take it from there. Naturally, you'll be the first to know, so everybody stay strong and keep the faith. Let's blast this sucker to smithereens! Thanks and all our love.

Dick Scoppettone
Dino's dad


Lisa said...

I'm back in the bay area, and sending all my healing energy your way. When you're feeling better I'll come by and laugh at your jokes :)


broad_haven said...

Dino -- I follow your blog regularly and continue to be inspired by your words :) Thank you for giving 'us' so much. I'm sending super duper positive vibes your way.

Big hugs -- John Elmore

Cousin Dina said...

Hi Dino! We love you and think of you daily.
Greg is coming this week and we hope to get over to your pad for a short visit.
Cheers from your cousins Dina and Lara

houston said...

Once again, you capture Dino's spirit so well in your writing and that is an incredible energy to share with us all, as is your sharing the awesome spiritual time you were blessed with through Edna's visit. I've got an Edna as a best friend back in the midwest, and I can fully imagine from personal experience what Dino's room had to be like!!! I don't know of many other experiences that invite Love's power to unleash and do It's thing like the laying on of gathered hands and gathered hearts through that kind of prayer....I can imagine your Edna, and can't help but smile cause Dino just welcomed a warrior like no other to his team! Whew!!! Thanks for sharing that with us, and we'll keep praying for all of you from this end. Nancy

Francesca Giessmann said...

During my battle with Cancer... 'My Edna" was indispensable.. and as I read the visit I could not help but feel this lift in my spirit and my heart was filled with hope.. Hope for all of us..
Thanks for the update and Please tell Dino that I am always thinking of him!
big kiss..

Team Dino said...

Stay strong, keep the faith, we'll see you on the other side of this.
We are sending our prayers and good vibes each day.
I love you Dino! Keep fighting.

seth said...


Keep us posted we're praying for Dino every day. Tell Dino his cousin Seth is pulling for him.

Seth and Samantha

Priscilla said...

WOW - thank you so much for sharing that amazing experience....such great news and we're so glad Dino found Edna, or Edna found Dino, either way! Sending you all love, support and healing thoughts and prayers!! Thanks so much Dick, for keeping us posted - it's so hard (for us, selfishly) not seeing Dino during the tough stuff - and it means the world to us to hear how he's doing from day to day - and what he's going through. LOVE TO YOU ALL!!! Hang in there, Dino - we are here if there's ever anything we can do! Love, P & D

Kim said...

Hi Dick and Dino- (BTW, do you mind if I go Hollywood on you and start referring to the two of you as "Diddy?")

There are miracles all around sounds like Edna is one of them. I'm so glad that she came into your lives and helped pave the way to your higher power/faith/spirituality.

Like you, most of my family is more spiritual, but after meeting my mom's Edna, I believe. Since then, I see the work of many guardian angels around me (it's crazy, really). I'm sure the same will be true for you.

elizabeth said...
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elizabeth said...

Dino, be strong! I am sending you positive thoughts and strength to kick this disease's butt. Thinking of you often. I hope they get the pain under control soon.


denise said...


Dude, I am so bummed I have missed so much. Recently back from Ohio and so sad to hear you are back in the hospital. Sending you my thoughts, prayers and even a book or two:) sending a big hug your way! ~ denise

Kim said...

Dino and Family. So delighted you met Edna and she is now part of this journey. I am grateful to her for sharing her gift, wisdom and love with you all. Dino, keep the faith, keep up the fight and know that we are behind you and with you all the way my dear friend.
Love, Kim S.

Amy said...

I have no words today other than to remind you that I am thinking about you all of the time. I wish I had more to say. For the first time since March 5th 2007 (the day I was diagnosed with cancer) I am angry at it. I was never mad at the cancer until today. I need to work through this and get over being mad. It isn't doing me or anyone any good.
Love you, amy b.

Marjorie said...

Dino, I was really bummed that I couldn't visit you again this week, but today I fully understand why you need your time to rest and heal and have no visitors. I am always praying for you and so happy that Edna was able to share some wonderful healing energy with you and the family. Thanks for keeping us updated, Nick.


David_Bonacci said...

Hey Dino
First off, I have to say that I read your blog all the time and think of you every day. For what it's worth, I say a prayer for you every day on the way to work.
I'm so happy that you found Edna. Not to sound like a "Bible Thumper", but a connection with God has always helped me through difficult times. I hope that it helps you get through a very difficult time.
Enough preaching. Get better Dino. I miss you
- Dave Bonacci

Looney said...


Theresa and I love you. We're thinking of you always...


corigcaat said...

Dino's Dad,

Thank you so much for keeping us posted I read your story through tears! I am so grateful for Edna! My kids and I have been praying daily for you Dino and I am a firm believer in the POWER of prayer! Keep fighting! We love you!!

Teresa, Ashley & Anthony

karin said...

God Bless Edna!