Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weekend and Beyond

It's the end of the long weekend and I've spent really the entire day switching off between reading, watching TV, surfing the net (for non-cancer-related stuff) and playing video games. Some might think that it's a waste of a day, but first off, the weather wasn't that great here, and secondly, I was frankly exhausted after yesterday.

Overall, the three-day weekend was just what I needed. Saturday morning I hung out with my friend Kim, and Saturday evening, in more of a last-minute thing, Matt, Danner and Carlos took me to the A's-Red Sox game. It was great to hang out with those guys; the only problem was that it was maybe the shortest game of the season, a 3-0 A's win that lasted all of two hours and 20 minutes. This would have been a great time to sit through one of those four-hour 10-8 American League specials that I seem to have attended so many times, but the evening went quickly -- too quickly for my tastes.

Still, I was really happy to see those guys and it's always fun getting part of the gang together. Matt asked if I was going to blog about it and Danner (rightfully?) accused him of just "wanting some ink" ("ink" being the newspaper term for publicity); Matt's had some ink on this blog already, but now he has some more, and I'm sure all those guys will get even more before this is all said and done.

In all seriousness, no one has asked for any ink since I started this blog and if there are personal interactions I have with you that you don't want made public here, let me know. I don't plan on publicly recounting every single detail about each of my social engagements or medical treatments -- some things are indeed sacred, and others are just obviously personal -- but feel free to give me a "hey, please don't share that with anyone else" if there are things you definitely want kept private.

I will then decide, on a case-by-case basis, on whether or not to actually keep it private, and what sort of nominal fee I will charge you if I do indeed determine that I will honor your request.

On Sunday, I had lunch with Barry, and then Chris, his girlfriend Virginia and her mom Lacy stopped by for a visit. After that, my mom and I went to Carlos's house for dinner, and then he and I caught Indy 4. Yep, long day, and not having slept well the previous night (see my last blog post for more on The Dream), I was completely exhausted by day's end. That's why today's veg session has been so welcome -- because of yesterday's mental and physical fatigue, and because tomorrow the ball will really get rolling quickly.

Tomorrow we're really going to step up the pace of this thing. I have a scheduled consultation with Dr. Cecchi in the afternoon but since Stanford appears to be driving this bus now, I am going to call in the morning and see if we still need to meet. I expect Stanford to call at some point tomorrow and schedule all the necessary tests -- probably for Wednesday, but the tests could even be run tomorrow -- to determine our next course of action (immediate surgery or radiation therapy). I need to mail some forms, and also speak to the Sega HR people to see if they can help with the upcoming battle with the insurance company. We also need to do some grocery shopping and Mom needs to hit Costco for some things. Big, big day, and the rest of the week isn't likely to be any lighter.

So yeah, the pieces have begun to move around the board and the preparations for battle are picking up speed. That's why I refuse to begrudge myself a day of lounging around doing nothing but relaxing -- and I'm sure there will be more of these sorts of 'do-nothing' days in the future during treatment, although there might be various side effects or levels of pain that would make 'relaxing' a rather inappropriate word for what I'll be doing.

Mom and I are going to duck out and grab a bite to eat before settling in for the night. How was Indy 4, you ask? Well, just know that I am a huge aficionado of the series. Raiders of the Lost Ark is probably my all-time favorite film, and I liked the other two as well, although I thought Temple of Doom was the worst, in large part because it was the least realistic. Of course, Indy World isn't particularly 'real' to begin with, but I tend to like my action films to have a sense of plausibility about them. When stunts occur that are beyond the realm of the ridiculous, that's when I tend to tune out.

That having been said, some of the action in Indy 4 was the least plausible of all the movies. Harrison looked fine, the script was okay (although a bit muddled in parts) and I had no qualms with the subject matter -- but there are just several things that happen in the movie that broke my suspension of disbelief and made me scoff "oh, c'mon." I never once felt that way during Raiders -- as crazy as it was in spots, it never made me feel like it was completely implausible.

But then, I knew it wouldn't capture the magic of Raiders, because likely nothing will in my mind ever again -- the magic will be different, anyway, when it happens with some other film. Treated purely as a piece of fun escapism, and as part of the overall series, Indy 4 was fine, but it definitely trails well behind Raiders and Last Crusade in the overall series, if you're asking me to rank them.

Which you didn't, but it's my blog, so I did it anyway. Next week, we'll rank the Police Academy films from best to worst, and talk about the perplexing career decline of Charo. Stay tuned.

With much love,


Looney said...

1. Last Crusade
2. Raiders
3. Crystal Skulls
4. Temple of Doom

Glad I could clear that up for you :-) I haven't actually seen Indy 4 yet, but I just cannot imagine it being worse than Temple :-)


Amy said...

Don't be mad. I have never seen any of the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies. Isn't that weird!? I've also never seen a James Bond film. I don't get out much.
Where are you sitting on the NBA Playoffs fence? You rallying for a Celtics/Lakers series?
My best vibes to you this week as you put the final touches on your master plan to kick cancer ass. You seem to be in a pretty good space with it all. I know it is so hard, but you're doing so wonderful. You're making it happen and searching out only the best of the best care which is what you deserve. Worry about the cost later and just keep saying "I want the best."

I will leave you with this DMB song that means a lot to me now. I think it is really fitting for what we are both experiencing.
Hang tough, Dino. amy b.


Hey my friend
It seems your eyes are troubled
Care to share your time with me
Would you say you're feeling low and so
A good idea would be to get it off your mind

See you and me
Have a better time than most can dream
Have it better than the best
So we can pull on through
Whatever tears at us
Whatever holds us down
And if nothing can be done
We'll make the best of what's around

Turns out not where but who you're with
That really matters
And hurts not much when you're around
And if you hold on tight
To what you think is your thing
You may find you're missing all the rest

Well she ran up into the light surprised
Her arms are open
Her mind's eye is

Seeing things from a
Better side than most can dream
On a clearer road I feel
Oh you could say she's safe
Whatever tears at her
Whatever holds her down
And if nothing can be done
She'll make the best of what's around

Turns out not where but what you think
That really matters
We'll make the best of what's around

smrose said...

Wait, Charo's career has declined? How much of zero can one get? The answer is none. None more zero.

Dino said...

Amy, if you end up being my chemo nurse for a day, first order of business is watching Raiders (the movie, not the miserable football team). I'll leave it at that.

Trent Stamp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy said...

That is a deal! About 15 years ago when I was a bartender a customer told me I looked like someone famous. I was like "oh really!?" getting excited because that is "usually" leading towards some kind of compliment. Well he says, I can't think of her name...but she was in Misery.
KATHY EFFIN BATES!!! So, I can break your ankles when I am your nurse and be a total psycho. Aren't you psyched?

Looney said...

Raiders (the movie, not the miserable football team).

Hey, easy, eaaaassssyyyy now...


EggShen said...

you were at the game? bah, wish i had known. it was totally quick. youd think with a lineup like the bosox have, youd see more than 4 hits in a game. bore. bore.

as much as id like to rekindle the 'great indy debate of 2008' ill just jump on board here and point out that the original police academy will always be number one.

hell, kim catrell? c'mon. pre-gracie law even.

although, if i remember correctly, sharon stone made a debut in police academy 4, which could give that a nod.

bottom line -- tackleberry

Chris said...

@looney -- don't rate 'em til you see it. Crystal Skulls is TERRIBLE. A phoned-in hack job by everyone except maybe Cate Blanchett. I wasn't disappointed by it, but that's only because I left my expectations at home. In the basement.

Dino -- glad to hear the Standford docs have raised your already indomitable spirit. I hope the tussle with insurance rogues isn't too bad. Let me know if you need some back-up muscle...



Andi said...

Are you going to rate your favorite movie "nuns on the run"?

Kim said...

thinking of you today as are so many peeps. Sending you lots of love and also crossing my fingers they never make Indy 5, Adventures in Assisted Living Facilities...
Love, Kim

Kim said...

In doing my own "research" (read: Wikipedia), I've decided that you should be cast as (In)Dino Scoppe-Jones, Indy's younger half brother. Your similarities are uncanny:

"Spielberg said there 'was the willingness to allow
our leading man to get hurt and to express his pain and to get his mad out and to take pratfalls and sometimes be the butt of his own jokes. I mean, Indiana Jones is not a perfect hero, and his imperfections, I think, make the audience feel that, with a little more exercise and a little more courage, they could be just like him.'"

kkbirdhouse said...

Hello dear Dino,

As a friend of your dad and 'bonus mom' I've watched you grow up over the past quarter century and have been impressed by your charm, kindness, adventures, achievements, tenacity, talent (buddy, you can write!), and how much you look like your very hunky dad! You are a pleasure to be around, and always, a joy to your parents.

There is a whole army of us "older" folks out here who love your parents and you; who are surrounding you with the light of prayer; who believe with all our hearts you will kick this cancer's ass, just like in your dream. And, this army may be older, but we can still be your back-up for butt kicking!

This weekend I'm participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life here in Grass Valley. Our team's name: Merchants For Miracles. Yesterday I decorated a luminary bag with your name as a cancer SURVIVOR. The light from your candle with join that of thousands of other survivors as prayer and inspiration.

You've got a big team out here, Dino.

With love,

Dino said...

As always, all of you - thanks a ton for writing. Kathy, so great to hear from you and thank you for bringing me along on your journey. I am definitely there in spirit and health-wise, I shall be there physically soon enough! My warmest and humblest appreciation to all of you!